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The Café de la Pedrera welcomes a clientele of diverse voices and areas, and invites you to contemplate the wonderful work of Antoni Gaudí, while enjoying an unparalleled evening. It is the ideal space to celebrate all kinds of events and celebrations.



In the Café de la Pedrera restaurant, we continuously organize all kinds of events for companies and individuals in the Paseo de Gràcia. Enter and discover everything we have to offer.


We are the ideal restaurant to share all kinds of activities and services with your colleagues, friends and family. From brunch to birthday, business dinners …

The Origins

Surprise your senses with the audiovisual show The Origins. A journey through the history of La Pedrera through music and architecture.

Your restaurant in Paseo de Gracia

A unique space in the golden mile of Barcelona, ​​where the soft shapes of the ceilings and the large windows overlooking the Paseo de Gracia are the ideal setting to enjoy the Gaudí's legacy at any time of day.

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Where any occasion becomes special

Modernist dinners in Paseo de Gracia

Under ceilings that evoke a sea with waves seen from the depth, the Cafè de la Pedrera restaurant presents a dynamic space, where they meet expertly: the gastronomy and architecture of Antoni Gaudí. We love being part of your special occasions, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Barcelona is a city to be enjoyed at different levels: for its modern architecture, for its gastronomy, for its beauty ... But what if we put it all together in one place? In a restaurant in Paseo de Gracia, the golden mile of the city, with the luxury shops of the area and the most emblematic buildings that, every year, millions of tourists travel to enjoy in the first person. The Cafè de la Pedrera, located on the mezzanine level of the Casa Milà, has the decorations and architecture characteristic of Gaudí, with exquisite cuisine and wonderful views of the Paseo de Gracia.

What makes Cafè de la Pedrera unique?

Do you know why tourists from all over the world and more and more native people come together in this restaurant in Paseo de Gracia? Why is it known all over the world? Architecture by Antoni Gaudí From the interior of the Cafè de la Pedrera, its visitors enjoy the wonderful architecture of Antoni Gaudí. Live music shows Do you like jazz? Frequently, the Cafè de la Pedrera offers dinners with live music, by the hand of the best jazz artists on the scene, both Spanish and foreign.


One of the most fashionable restaurants of the moment

Each time, more recognized influencers come together at the Cafè de la Pedrera, attracted by its beauty, by the quality of the dishes served and by its magnificent location. Delicious food If you are looking for a brunch, a snack or a dinner at a restaurant in Paseo de Gracia, the Cafè de la Pedrera is your place. Totally recommended, even if you just want to stop for a coffee. The food of this place is the customer loyalty tool, in addition to the attentive service that characterizes the Cafè de la Pedrera.

A bright, lively environment

The Cafè de la Pedrera always gives off joy. Flanked by huge windows, it is pleasantly bright during the day, and offers magnificent views at night. What you would expect from a restaurant in Paseo de Gracia. In it, you will always find movement, couples or groups of friends celebrating, tourists enjoying their vacations in Barcelona ... It is a place where the good atmosphere reigns and the desire to enjoy tranquility.


You have not tried our coffee yet?

It is normal to see tourists from different parts of the world, but also tourists from the rest of Spain. Even, it has become an emblematic place for the locals themselves, so couples go looking for a romantic moment, groups of friends who book a dinner together, weddings celebrating anniversaries or people who go shopping on the Paseo de Gracia and stop here for a coffee or a quick snack. The Cafè de la Pedrera is the ideal place to book a special dinner or to rest from an afternoon of shopping.