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The Café de la Pedrera returns to its origins, occupying the space of the Pension Restaurant -Hispano-American, opened more than one hundred years ago in the mezzanine of Casa Milà.

The Café de la Pedrera returns to its origins, occupying the space of the Pension Restaurant -Hispano-American, opened more than one hundred years ago in the mezzanine of Casa Milà.

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«In the renowned building of Passeig de Gràcia, chamfered by Provence, which has deserved, for its very original architecture, the comments of the most eminent critics of Europe, is installed the Hispanic-American Pension, of all first order, and that occupies the Superior rooms and the vast mezzanines and ground floor of the aforementioned building. The splendid situation that occupies the most beautiful and most aristocratic path of Barcelona, ​​and the impeccable service of the house, makes it the preferred one by the American families, who find in the exquisite treatment of the Hispano-American Pension, a new attraction to those that this beautiful Mediterranean city offers them. “

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In 2012, the Cafè de la Pedrera reopens its doors to pay tribute to what were the dining halls of the Pension Hispanoamericana more than 100 years ago. It is a place open to the city that allows us to enjoy the architecture of Gaudí, its heritage and the gastronomic culture of the city. In the mezzanine of the building and flanked by large windows, the restaurant offers privileged views of Passeig de Gràcia where you can enjoy a fresh and modern menu.

Barcelona is a city with a wide gastronomic and leisure offer. And, to unite both in a special afternoon or evening, or simply, a day that you fancy, what better way to do it than in a charming restaurant in Barcelona. Specifically, in Paseo de Gracia. The Cafè de la Pedrera is a place known by tourists from all over the world and appreciated by the locals thanks to its wide variety of delicious delicacies and its leisure offer, thanks to its nights with live music and other activities that star in throughout the year.

In addition, being located in the mezzanine of Casa Milà, it has the same integration of modernist architectural elements so characteristic of Antoni Gaudí.

Why is the Cafè de la Pedrera so special?


Tourists from all over the world come to this place and repeat in subsequent visits to the city, they dedicate nice words and photographs on social networks and they speak marvels about the food and the activities that take place inside. Also, the locals consider it as their own and typical of the area, an essential element in the Paseo de Gracia, an authentic restaurant with charm in Barcelona. And the reasons for this are numerous. All the charm of Gaudí’s modernism.

The interior of the Cafè de la Pedrera allows you to enjoy the decorations and ornaments of Antoni Gaudí. For example, the fluttering roof reminiscent of the waves of the sea, like those that can be seen in Casa Milà itself (La Pedrera). Live music Music lovers from all over the world also choose Cafè de la Pedrera as their most charming restaurant in the area. Often, jazz nights are organized that diners can enjoy during their dinner, and to which the best artists of the sector go. A fashionable place.

The influencers of Barcelona also come together in this place.


The quality of its service, the delights of the menu and its more than adequate location for an afternoon shopping in Paseo de Gracia are some of the causes.

Delicious food Whether you are looking for a brunch with a friend, a quick snack or a special dinner at a charming restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Cafè de la Pedrera is the right place for it. Luminous, alive Huge windows flank this place, so it enjoys a wide light during the day, and fantastic night views of the lights of Paseo de Gracia at night. Characterized by being a quiet place at the same time animated, it is always possible to find tourists in love with Barcelona, ​​groups of friends celebrating or couples enjoying a romantic dinner.


The Cafè de la Pedrera is a perfect place to book a special meal or to rest from a busy afternoon.